Getting Started with your Zu3D Animation Kit

Now that you have your Zu3D Animation Kit, we can't wait to get you up and animating straight away! You will have a 'Getting Started' leaflet in the box with instructions for installing Zu3D on Windows, Macs and iPads. There are 2 unique licence codes on the back of your Animation Handbook, meaning you can install Zu3D on 2 different machines/iPads!

You can download Zu3D from here and then enter your licence code to activate Zu3D.

Zu3D for Windows

Zu3D for Mac

Zu3D iPad App

Your Zu3D Animation Handbook will help you get up and running with animating and contains lots of tips and tricks!

Zu3D Animation Kit with webcam, Zu3D Animation software, modelling clay, mini background, green screen and animation handbook. PC Pro recommended Logo with five stars

Here are the instruction leaflets that are in your kit:

Getting Started on a PC or Mac

Getting Started on an iPad.

Did you know you can turn your animation kit box into a mini stage and set. Just slot in the background or green screen and away you go! These instructions show you how:

Animation Kit Stage

Fancy using a phone or tablet as a remote camera to stream images to your Windows PC or Mac instead of using a webcam? You can download the Zu3D Remote Camera App from the App Store or Google Play for free! Just follow these simple instructions:

Remote Camera App Instructions

We hope you love your Zu3D Animation Kit, if you have any problems or queries, please do get in touch and we will be very happy to help.

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