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We've been developing award-winning stop motion software for you to enjoy for more than two decades(!) and pride ourselves on producing powerful yet intuitive, fully-featured programs which allow all ages to get started quickly and easily. Simply choose between animating in the cloud using any modern device with our browser-based solution, or install the latest version of our software on your PC, Mac or iPad...

Cloud Stop Motion and Zu3D

Cloud Stop Motion and Zu3D are comprehensive stop motion solutions - if you can imagine it, you can create it! Both Zu3D and Cloud Stop Motion are great tools for promoting creativity, encouraging concentration, and building adaptable problem-solving skills. They make seamless integration across the entire educational curriculum possible, due to the versatility of our animation apps.

Make movies on your smartphone, laptop, desktop, Chromebook, tablet. Cloud Stop Motion is a powerful stop motion animation package which runs directly in the browser on any modern device. There is nothing to install, everything is saved to the cloud. Switch device seamlessly at any point.

Zu3D is a fully-comprehensive software package available to install on PCs, Macs and iPads. Originally designed with children, for children, it combines ease of use with sophisticated features.

Cloud Stop Motion and Zu3D are being used daily by thousands of schools, students and organizations internationally, as well as by tens of thousands of animators encompassing all range of ages from across the world!

With both solutions you can easily work with your animation on a zoomable, scrollable timeline. Add sound effects, music, titles, credits and speech bubbles. Render to an MP4 movie. Both Zu3D and Cloud Stop Motion have exhaustive libraries encompassing music, artwork, visual and sound effects - all included as standard!

Zu3D then steps it up by incorporating green-screen functionality, rig removal, drawing tools, and allowing imports of your live action movies, providing hours more fun whilst editing together your even greater, more diverse stop motion animations! Zu3D also has auto-capture so that you can capture frames automatically!

Modelling an orange clay head

Examples of Stop Motion Films:

Stop motion animation is an amazing and fully immersive filmmaking technique - the only limitation really is your imagination!  Below you can see a selection of some of our favourite stop motion films.  The following have mostly been created in Zu3D or Cloud Stop Motion, by animators between the ages of 4 and 100.

Year 6 Autumn Fireworks

Year 6 Autumn Fireworks

Pupils at Sandringham School have created a wonderful film about autumn and fireworks using natural materials for their fantastic stop motion animation! Made with Zu3D

The Dragon who ate our school‌

The Dragon who ate our school

Combining stop motion animation and live action through the added medium of green-screening (intuitively possible within Zu3D) is one of our favourite things. In this fun film a dragon (animated paper on green screen) comes to the school and they were hungry!... Based on the poem by Nick Toczek

Dinosaurs in Space

Dinosaurs in Space

There is something very special and exciting about being able to grab a bit of modelling clay, squish it around a bit, and bring some characters to life. And what could be more cool than finding Dinosaurs in Space?

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Education through Animation!

Schools and Organizations working with Cloud Stop Motion

Create free, unlimited student groups and accounts. View, edit and delete student accounts, projects and movies. Empty student recycle bins. Render, watch and export student animations as MP4 movie files. Manage organization storage. Students and administrators can access their accounts anywhere on any modern device.

Educational, Creative, STEAM

Cloud Stop Motion and Zu3D have become the educators' choice for animation software in thousands of schools across the UK, Europe, the USA, and beyond!

Animating across both of our apps can easily integrate into covering the whole curriculum by: Telling stories, Modelling processes, Performance poetry, Animating algorithms, News reports, Instruction manuals, Book reviews, Music videos, Digital fact files, Adverts, Animating life cycles, Video diaries, Interviews, Religious stories, Campaign videos, Weather forecasts, Multilingual films, Historical reenactments, Illustrating mathematical concepts, Plant growth timelapse, and that doesn't even begin to cover the storyboarding, prop making, and character planning!

Whether it is to enhance literacy skills, or explain a science topic, Cloud Stop Motion and Zu3D allow children to quickly and easily create mini movies to demonstrate their knowledge. In addition, students gain valuable skills in team work, problem solving and communication.

Using Zu3D in the classroom on an iPad

Our Products

Cloud Stop Motion

Cloud Stop Motion is a powerful stop motion animation package which runs directly in the browser on any modern device.There is nothing to install, everything is saved to the cloud and you can switch device seamlessly at any point. Free Individual and Education accounts available.

Zu3D Animation Kit

The Zu3D Animation Kit, contains everything you need to get started animating: Zu3D animation software, HD animation webcam, modelling clay, animation handbook, mini background and green screen.


Zu3D Home Licence

Install the Zu3D Animation Suite at home! This licence is compatible with Windows and Mac computers.


Zu3D Multi-Platform Educational Site Licence

Our Multi-Platform Educational Site Licence allows you to install Zu3D on all the computers and iPads across your school/organization site.


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