Cloud Stop Motion COPPA - Collection, Use and Disclosure of Children’s Personal Information

Cloud Stop Motion complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

This information is for
(a) the parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13 and are considering registering for a Cloud Stop Motion account which will be used by your child,
(b) a school considering using Cloud Stop Motion for the use of your students under the age of 13,
(c) anyone who wishes to know how Cloud Stop Motion complies with COPPA.

This notice describes our practices concerning the collection, use and disclosure of children’s personal information. Please review our privacy policy and terms and conditions for additional information.

  1. Parental Consent Required

If you are registering for an individual account for Cloud Stop Motion, that will be used by your children under 13, we require the consent of you as the parent or guardian before we will collect, use or disclose any personal information regarding your child. If you do not consent, we won’t collect, use or disclose any such information. We can’t set up a Cloud Stop Motion account for you without this consent.
If you are a school or organization setting up a Cloud Stop Motion account, we require the school or organization to give consent to the collection of children’s information on behalf of the parents. This COPPA notice that you are now reading should give you all the relevant information you need to be able to give that consent on behalf of parents.

2. How we verify consent

Unless we have spoken to the account holder in person or by telephone, the child’s ability to share finished films will be disabled so that the personal information is only to be used for internal purposes.
We will verify consent using an “email plus” method for both parents and schools: When the initial email is sent out to the account holder’s email address with the instructions on how to access the site it will include a COPPA notice making it clear that use of the site indicates consent to this privacy policy. We then send a further confirmation email to the same email address one week later informing the parent or school that they can revoke the consent and telling them how to do so.
To enable sharing we need to speak to the parent or school by telephone or in person, in order to confirm consent for this.

3. What information we collect

No personal information is requested from children within Cloud Stop Motion, but children can capture pictures from a webcam or devices camera.  This pictures should be of the subjects of their  animated films, e.g. lego characters, toys, clay characters.  However we are aware children could take images of themselves.  All the images captured are stored securely and are only accessible by the account holder, or the organization administrator.
We also passively collect Internet Protocol information (IP addresses) from all users. Like many websites we use “cookies” to make the site function better – for more information on our cookies policy click here .

4. How we use children’s personal information

We might sometimes publish children’s work but we would only do with the express consent of the parent or school concerned to that particular case.

5. Disclosure and sharing of information:

We will not disclose children’s personal information to any third party without the consent of a school or parent/guardian or an order of the Court.

6. Can parents and schools review and alter the information?

If you have an individual user account, you as the parent or guardian can view all the information associated with your child’s Cloud Stop Motion account, including any personal information your child has stored on the system. You will have full power to delete or alter anything entered.
If you are a school, organization administrators (teachers) can see all the information entered by pupils and they have the full power to delete anything entered.
If you are a parent of a child at a Cloud Stop Motion school, the school should share this information with you if you request it, and delete anything you are not happy with. If a parent at a Cloud Stop Motion school no longer wishes a child to use the program they can request that a school removes access for that child by deleting their child’s user profile, which the school has the power to do without any additional assistance from us.

7. Security, Encryption and Data Retention

The data stored in Cloud Stop Motion is kept in industry standard secure sites and is encrypted to very high industry standards.
When a Cloud Stop Motion account is closed we will delete all the information for that account stored on our servers if a school or home user requests that we should do so. We will also delete any other information that a school or home user requests at any time.

8. Contact us

If you have any questions or comments about Cloud Stop Motion's data collection practices, please send us an email at or contact us by mail:

ZuLogic Limited, Church Farm, Ulcombe, Kent, ME17 1DN, UK