Animating the Curriculum

Animation is a great tool for teaching and learning. A natural extension to storytelling and small world play for young children, a vehicle for sharing knowledge about a variety of topics as children grow. This is as well as being a fun way to explore the process of stop motion animation, extending understanding of computing in a creative way.
Stop Motion is an extremely versatile tool for education, whether it is to enhance literacy skills or explain a science topic our animation software allows children to quickly and easily create mini movies to demonstrate their knowledge. Alongside demonstrating their knowledge, students gain valuable skills in team work, problem solving and communication.

Using Zu3D and Cloud Stop Motion in education

Zu3D and Cloud Stop Motion animation software are used in thousands of schools around the world. Both have been designed for children and are easy and intuitive to use. They allow students to focus on animating rather than learning how to use the software! You can animate any subject, see below for ideas. A fun and engaging way to learn. Suitable for all age groups.
A mindmap explaining the educational benefits of animating

What subjects could I use animation for?

Two children animating on an iPad in a classroom at school
You can animate any topic, history, maths, science! and whilst animating any topic you will also be covering; STEAM, Digital Art and Digital Literacy.

Here's some ideas for different subjects:

Science - Animations are a great way to assess children’s scientific knowledge and understanding. Create opportunities for peer assessment by getting your class to make a story-board before they animate. Swap the story boards between groups and ask them to check over the work. What did they like about it? How could they improve it? Have they got the science right? Specify that they check the scientific content to allow you to see any misconceptions. A great way for correcting knowledge.
Maths- Animation is a great way to consolidate knowledge. You can animate number bonds, multiplication facts, division facts; actually any of those facts that we just need to know! Animation is a fun and engaging way to ‘hammer home’ those elusive facts! Animating helps children retain fundamental mathematical knowledge! Not only is it fun to make, it is also fun to watch.
English - Animation is a superb way for children to demonstrate their reading and comprehension skills. Your class can make animations that will reflect their understanding of the text. Split the class into small groups (groups of 3 work well). To see individual understanding, get them each to make a storyboard first instead of collaborative group work. How about getting the children to predict and animate the ending based on what has happened so far in a text?

Home Education

Animation is a great tool for home educators, your children can create an animation about any topic to demonstrate their knowledge. We are offering substantial discounts on Zu3D software to families educating their children at home, please contact us for more details.
Two children animating with their mum on a computer at home