Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Support for schools distance learning


50GB free upgrade

Cloud Stop Motion is free for individuals, schools and organizations.
If your school has been closed due to the virus outbreak we would like to offer you extra cloud storage for the duration of the disruption.
Please just sign up for a free school account. Then if you need more storage, just contact us and we will provide a coupon to upgrade your account.
If you need even more space do just contact us and we will help you out

Setup an organization account by signing up, for free, as a Cloud Stop Motion user

Once you have an account click on the schools/organizations link within the app and enter your organization details

Why Cloud Stop Motion

Cloud Stop Motion is perfect for remote working.

Students can work on any modern connected device (Chromebook, PC, Mac, iPad, tablet, smartphone, etc.) teachers can monitor students progress and watch back and export their films at any time.