Technical Requirements

Cloud Stop Motion Technical Spec

Cloud Stop Motion runs in the browser on any modern device, as with most things, the more powerful your device the better the experience.

We aim to support the latest version of all the main browsers.  More detailed information below.

Latest version of Chrome - fully supported

The latest version of all modern browsers - Safari, Chrome etc. - are all fully supported.

The latest version of all modern browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave etc - are all fully supported. The newest version of Edge (Chromium) is fully supported.

Safari on iOS 11+ is fully supported
Unfortunately Chrome, or other webviews (such as the Facebook browser) can't access the camera so you can’t capture images, but you can watch and edit existing projects.

Latest version of Chrome for Android is fully supported

The latest version of all modern browsers - Chromium, Firefox etc. - are all fully supported.

Zu3D Technical Requirements

PC: Windows 7 or higher
MAC: OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher.
iPad:  iOS10 or higher

Minimum Specification:
PC & Mac: 2GB RAM, 350MB Disk Space, 1.4Ghz or equivalent processor, 800x600 resolution screen.

Recommended Specification:
2Ghz+ Processor, 8GB+ RAM, 500GB+ Disk Space, 1280x720 or greater resolution screen.

If you are using XP or Vista we have an older version of Zu3D available which is compatible, please contact us for more information.