Cloud Stop Motion v. Zu3D

Zu3D & Cloud Stop Motion are both complete animation packages.

Zu3D has been around since 2010, and has evolved over the years.  Now a fully functionaly very powerful, if a little quirky animation creation studio.  Features include, unlimited video and audio tracks, green screening, rig removal, automagic frame capture and much much more. It is installed locally and is compatible with Windows and Macs, there is also a Zu3D iPad app.

Cloud Stop Motion represents the future of our animation studio packages. It runs in the browser, so you can animate on any device, anywhere and switch device seamlessly.  

Cloud Stop Motion is already a powerful application with multiple audio tracks, sound library titles, credits and MP4 export. We are adding more features continuously, soon Cloud Stop Motion will have all the functionally of Zu3D and more.

Cloud Stop Motion has also been designed for schools and organizations.  Featuring a powerful admin console for teachers to easily manage their student accounts from anywhere. They can view, edit, export and delete their students' films from anywhere.

The below table gives you a clear comparison:

FeatureCloud Stop MotionZu3D
Copy, edit, move & delete frames or clips Intuitively edit your project.
Instantly zoom in and out of individual frame view or clip view Choose to see the individual frames or your complete animation, or somewhere in between.
Onion skinning Overlay the previous frame to making animating easy.
Add titles, credits & speech bubbles Choose from a library of exciting styles.
Export your project as an MP4 file so you can share to your website, YouTube or social media.
Capture images directly from webcam Adjust the live image and see exactly what you are capturing.
Import images Upload pictures direct from your computer or device.
Built in Sound Library With music, sound fx and ambient sounds.
Capture images directly from webcam import your own sound files.
Import your own sound files Add your favourite piece of music to your animation.
Record Directly Record dialogue, narration or sound fx directly into your project.
Compatible with any modern connected device Adjust the live image and see exactly what you are capturing.
Cloud Based Start your animation on one device and continue seamlessly on another.
Locally Installed No internet connection required, install on PC, Mac or iPad.(internet connection needed to activate licence once)
Automatic green-screening/chroma key Animate your character with any background - image or video!
Drawing Tools Create drawn animations & draw onto captured frames.
Import animated gifs Add special effects and sprites to your animation.
Use phone or tablet as a wireless remote camera Download the Zu3D remote camera app and stream images to your computer.
Add fade transitions Fade in and out between scenes.
Time-lapse Automatically capture one frame every specified amount of time.
Rig-removal Erase strings or hands from your project, using the magic eraser.
Powerful video editor Import Videos combine imported video files with your animations.
Adjust transparency Change the transparency of individual clips or whole video tracks.
Instantly change frame rate of individual clips Slow down part of your animation to slow-motion, and speed up another part.
Organization Admin Management View, edit, export your student’s films from any connected device.
Free Trial available Start your animation on one device and continue seamlessly on another.
Support Available Start your animation on one device and continue seamlessly on another.