Cloud Stop Motion Pricing

Cloud Stop Motion is free to use for schools and individuals, but you may need to purchase cloud storage.

Quick Pricing Guide

  • Enough storage for a keen individual animating at home with an HD webcam would cost around $25 a year.

  • A small school account with enough storage for approximately 30 students animating would be around $100 per year.

  • A large organization account with enough storage for approximately 600 students animating would be around $600 per year.

  • You can have unlimited student accounts and storage space, feel free to contact us for a bespoke quote.

Your animations are stored in the Cloud allowing them to be accessed from anywhere. We provide a small amount of cloud storage for free - plenty enough to get started and make a few, small animations. You can export your finished films to MP4, download them to your device and keep them for ever.

If you want to make longer animations or keep lots of your projects you can purchase some more storage space. The sale of paid storage plans is the only means we have to fund the development of Cloud Stop Motion. If you like Cloud Stop Motion please do consider upgrading to a paid plan to support the development and help make Cloud Stop Motion even better.

If you are interested in using Cloud Stop Motion at school or on an organization level. Please look at our Education page.

The amount of storage space you need will depend on the resolution of the images you capture (HD or standard defintion) and the amount of unique images in the project.

For precise pricing for your location please login into the Cloud Stop Motion app..

Young child animating their models with Cloud Stop Motion on the floor