HD Animation Webcam!



Our sturdy, flexible webcam combining HD resolution with manual focus, manual exposure and manual white balance capabilities, making it absolutely ideal for animating!


Sturdy Metal Stand - Fully adjustable stand - moves and secures into any position without falling over!

High Resolution Lens - Giving HD quality images

Built in Microphone - Record audio straight into your film

Dimmable LED Lights - Brighten up your film set or add a little mood lighting

Manual Focus - Giving you complete control of the focal point

Manual Exposure & White Balance - Reduces flickering in animations

HD Resolution - Up to 1280*720

Although Zu3D and Cloud Stop Motion work with most webcams, this is by far our favourite! It is nice and sturdy making it hard to knock over (a nightmare when you are in the middle of an animation!), provides a great quality picture, and offers manual focus - which is essential for animation.

In addition, our webcam also features a built in USB microphone, and LED lights which can be manually dimmed using a wheel attached to the USB lead.

Easy to install and automatically picked up by our software, choosing this webcam will have you animating in a flash!