Animation Theatre



Get animating quickly using the Zu3D Animation Theatre - comprising a sturdy, self-locking Carboard Theatre, 4 double sided backgrounds and a purpose-fit foam sheet for green screening. Background design themes include: Space, Jungle, Spooky, Rural, Beach, Tudor, Castle by day and Castle by night.


The Zu3D Animation Theatre allows animators to quickly get set up for animating with ease - ideal for children just starting out, or animators with experience who want to spend more time animating than preparing sets!

Immediately immerse your characters within ready made scenes using one of our exclusively designed, fun backgrounds - will you: blast them off to Space, traipse through the Jungle, become vampires in a Spooky graveyard, enjoy the countryside with Rural fields, find them stranded on a deserted island's Beach, time-travel back to be a Tudor, or send your knight to visit our Castle by day, to plan a daring escape of the Castle by night.

Feeling even more adventurous? Use the included sheet of green foam to green screen your animation and transport your characters anywhere you can imagine!

Want to create a specific 'set' - simply design your own background and secure in place using the specially designed tabs to fix it to the theatre!

The theatres then fold down, or are easily stackable, to minimise on storage space when not animating.

Animation Theatre includes:

  • Cardboard Theatre (ingenious self-locking design)
  • Double sided Jungle and Space background
  • Double sided Rural and Spooky background
  • Double sided Tudor Street and Beach background
  • Double sided Castle by day and Castle by night background
  • Green Foam Sheet to use as green screen background
  • Cardboard fitting for webcam to enable 'top-down' animation